Entry fees are non-refundable, unless you choose to protect your purchase with the optional “Purchase protection policy” (now available for 2021 events) offered at checkout. You can read the protection policy terms online here. Even if you choose to purchase it, you have 72 hours to cancel the policy if you decide you don’t want it. But you cannot purchase it AFTER you have completed your checkout.

Cancellation Policy

If we have to cancel the event for any reason, entry fees remain non-refundable, but you will be granted a rollover credit toward a future race.


Entry fees are non-transferable. Transferring bibs is illegal. Please do not give your bib number to someone else if you can’t make it to a race.

Substitutions can be made on relay teams in the duathlon event for $25 per substitution. Please
e-mail us at for special registration instructions for relay team member substitutions.

Bounced Checks

Bounced checks will incur a fee of $20. Your registration won’t be guaranteed until you submit a new check for the entry fee PLUS $20.

Rollover Credits

If you cannot participate in an event for which you have registered, you may be eligible to receive a Rollover Credit, which may be applied towards any future Enviro-Sports event. Rollover Credits may be applied toward any Enviro-Sports event(s) at any time – there’s no expiration on your credit. To retain a Rollover Credit, you must notify us of your intention to pull out of a race NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT DATE.

If within the 30 days leading up to the event a medical reason, military deployment or death in the family will prevent your participation, you must notify us in writing and attach documentation (i.e. doctor’s note, deployment notice) to support your claim. We must be in receipt of your written notice at least 72 hours before the published race start time. All requests for Rollover Credits for any reason besides medical, military deployment or death within 30 days of race day will be denied.

No credits will be issued within the last 72 hours prior to race start. A Rollover Fee will apply for all Rollover Credits (See below).

Rollover Fees

The amounts listed below will be deducted from the original entry fee paid (less any online processing fees) to determine the remaining amount of credit:
Alcatraz “Escape From the Rock” Duathlon $40
Death Valley (road race) $20
Death Valley Trail $40
Napa Valley Harvest Half Marathon, 10K & 5K $20
All Other Trail Runs $20
Sharkfest Swim Rollover Fees

Enviro-Kids Program

One of our favorite parts of what we do is introducing new people to trail running – this includes younger people, too! As a way of encouraging younger runners to join their running family members and friends, we created the EnviroKids Program about 12 years ago. Children ages 17 and younger can enter any of our trail runs* for $10-$20 with an accompanying adult. They will receive a race T-shirt so they can proudly parade their achievement around town. To register your EnviroKid please contact us at *The discounted race does not apply to our Death Valley nor Sharkfest Swim events, and kids are still required to pay the ferry fee portion of any Angel Island event’s entry fees.

Frequent Runner Miles (FRMs)

Since 1990, we’ve been rewarding our return athletes for their loyal participation and enthusiastic support. Our participants contribute to the friendly atmosphere you’re bound to encounter at our events. To show our appreciation, every 6th event you race with us is FREE!* For details on how to apply your FRM credit, send an e-mail to us at Five event entries may be accrued over any period of time; there is no deadline to redeem your free event entry. *Your free event must be of equal or lesser value to five previously paid races.

Title Defense Clause

As if winning the coveted rubber chicken wasn’t enough . . . As a reward for their win, the overall male and female winners are invited back to next year’s event to defend their title – gratis*. To sign up using under the Title-Defense Clause, please contact us at *You are only eligible to defend your title the year immediately after the year you won.

Award Eligibility

If you start a race with one distance, but decide while you are running to finish with another distance, you will be ineligible for awards. For example, in our Napa Valley Trail Half Marathon, you run the 10K course twice. If you start with the Half Marathoners and decide after one loop to finish as a 10K runner, you will not qualify for any 10K or Half Marathon awards. We will still post your finish time online so you can see how you did.

“No Headphones” or Audio Devices Rule

Since most of our races include very narrow trails with steep drop-offs along their courses (or roads that are NOT closed to car traffic), it is imperative that runners can hear each other in order to pass safely and/or cars if there are any, even if they are running at a slow speed. For safety reasons (and for the enjoyment of your fellow runners) headphones (and any other audio devices) are NOT allowed to be worn at any of our races EXCEPT Napa Valley Silverado and Napa Valley Harvest. Runners seen wearing headphones (or even listening to music without headphones) will be disqualified from the race.

Headphones definitely are a useful training tool and mental motivator when used safely. But the centerpiece of every Enviro-Sports event is the environment. We hope you’ll find the natural sounds of babbling streams, crashing waves and melodic birds at our events to be an inspiring soundtrack that motivates you all the way to the finish line.

No Strollers Rule

Strollers are NOT allowed to participate in our events as they are not covered by our insurance.